Develop An Innovative Product

We have the capabilities to invent and develop an innovative prototype. As a result of our continued consumer engagement and global perspectives, we can initiate our process in the kitchen and craft cutting-edge flavors and textures. This culinary approach is followed by an application of technical food science. In doing so, our inventive prototypes do not follow a trend, but instead set new standards and excite consumers.

  • Understand and assess your product goals, consumer desires and trends
  • Apply expert technical skills once ingredients and flavors are established in the kitchen
  • Offer international palates and perspectives with foresight on unique ingredient combinations
  • Share innovative prototype with in-house team for continued growth

Support Your Internal R&D Team to Improve your Products

When faced with limited capacity, outdated perspectives or an urgent assignment, our team can be carefully customized and integrated in order to assist in managing, improving and executing a particular project.

  • Asses and manage your current resources and become part of team
  • Recommendation of product improvement and comparison with competitors and premium products in your category
  • Share innovative perspectives via sensory evaluation of current product and process

Corporate Creative Education: Develop in house Culinary Imagination

We will share refreshing culinary perspectives with your in-house team to inspire creativity and open new possibilities for innovation within your brand.

  • Guide in-house team to push creativity beyond existing limits.
  • Advise team on the variety of ways to explore possibilities within culinary trends
  • Build a new tool for and with in-house team on how to predict consumer acceptance of cutting-edge products
  • Interactive education, exchange of experience and transfer of outsider knowledge with current R&D team

Consumer Education: Taste & Enjoy what you eat and drink

We offer private culinary classes that will teach consumers the fundamentals of properly identifying and tasting food and beverages. For more information about these educational sessions, contact us.

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