Our goal as Taste Architects is to craft a
customized team of expert chefs and food scientists to support your internal R&D program, or invent and develop a novel product to refresh your brand.

Both services require the union of technical knowledge, trend foresight and a refined palate.

Unlike other culinary consultants who directly ask the consumer about their desires and then simply offer a scientific formula and rapid prototyping, our primary focus remains on pure ingredients, thorough conversations with consumers in order to seek out hidden desires, and the ability to apply our technical knowledge in a cost-effective and creative manner.

Our approach

We approach each project with a framework that is composed of our best practices, while still maintaining flexibility to adapt to your specific requirements. Our standard process is used to complement your in-house structure. After assessing your needs and becoming acquainted with your brand values, we begin our work in the kitchen, experimenting with flavors, textures and the aesthetic appeal of ingredients.

Actively engaged with consumers

We actively engage consumers beyond traditional prototype focus groups, and instead seek out a deeper and more meaningful connection via our interactive efforts, such as our culinary blog and classes that teach the consumer the value of a refined palate.

Glocalisation and responsible innovation

While crafting unique flavors and considering diverse trends, we apply glocalisation to our process. Glocalisation is the practice of adapting products to consumers’ local needs and respecting their cultural background. This technique allows us the opportunity to think outside the plate and develop exciting flavors, while considering a specific culture’s flavor preferences. We always aim to incorporate natural and healthy ingredients, which is a key component in our process of responsible culinary innovation.

Cost effective solutions

Our culinary solutions are truly cost-effective. We will review the value of your ingredients as perceived by the customer and the complexity of production, and also offer insight that will have an immediate impact on your brand and long-term business strategy.

The next steps

After thoroughly evaluating your product or developing an innovative and creative prototype, we will advise you on our recommended next steps and continue to work alongside your R&D team until a superior product is ready for market.

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