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Lemon lover? Have you tried Buddha’s hand citron?

Published by Jean-Pierre on June 30th, 2010

A slight change of ingredient can make a big difference! This is an interesting way to upgrade such a mainstream flavor.

The aromatic note of this fruit is very pleasant, a complex and rich blend of sweet lemon, jasmine, orange blossom. Surprising taste for a citrus, no acidity and no bitterness, round and sweet with this beautiful flavor profile confirmed on the palate.

Buddha’s hand citron is an ancient fruit from India and China, yellow, with a typical shape of fingers. Inside, no juice, just white pith.

You will use the zest, or cut the fingers in slice.

A few great applications:

- In beverages, after being infused in milk for example or even in alcohol.  “Hangar One” from Alameda California http://www.hangarone.com, makes one of my preferred Vodka lemon, “ Hangar one Citron Buddha’s hand” just fantastic in cocktails….

- In deserts, use the zest infused in creams, the zest in crepes or patisserie.

Should also try in ice creams, tea, savory applications, and seasonings…. Lemon and lime are so used and overused.

A good example of an ingredient not well known bringing a nice balance and complexity . Also a good way to reduce the amount of sugar added in a recipe, thanks to the low bitterness and the natural sweet sensation.

Try it!

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