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Will you have chicken for dessert ?

Published by Jean-Pierre on March 5th, 2010

“ Yes of course and with great pleasure, it is one of my favorite!”

In New York or Paris, the waiter would look at me in astonishment… In Istanbul, Turkey I would simply confirm, already salivating, “Please bring me a Tavuk gogsu kazandibi “.

This traditional milk-based dessert is in fact a kind of browned milk pudding, with a burnt surface (origin of the name Kazan=cauldron and Dibi=bottom) giving the appearance and flavor of a crème brulee, to which very thinly peeled chicken breast  (tavuk göğsü) is added, giving a pleasant creamy, flan like texture.

Believe me, it is delicious!

This is what I like about food and beverages when traveling the world, great surprises that challenge the established culinary orthodoxies, continuously opening new doors to creativity.

Simple ingredients, just a different way to use chicken for the texture, and I can assure you that there is no way to detect the taste of chicken.

Bottom line; try unusual combinations of ingredients to reach a familiar taste or to create a totally new experience. It is fun, and a major source of innovation that we use at Just Pure Taste.


  1. commented on March 12, 2010 by alexisa

    Wow! I am so intrigued to taste this dessert. Incorporating chicken for texture is such a unique idea. Thanks for sharing!

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