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Food and Architecture ? Taste Architect ?

Published by Jean-Pierre on March 5th, 2010

Building the Taste of a Food or a Beverage is for me identical to Architecture. It is about finding the right blend of engineering and art.

A part of Science and Engineering: the raw material and their quality, the constituents, their physical and chemical properties, the resistance to constraints, pressure, temperature, the possibilities for combinations, for assembling, shaping and finally the ability for lasting while keeping the initial properties…

A part of Art: Intuition and exploration of combinations of constituents, quest for proportions, aesthetic, pleasant perception through all the senses. It can be minimalistic or busy, classic or contemporary.

In both cases Balance and Harmony make the final result tasteful and enjoyable with “Un petit je ne sais quoi that makes the difference”.

In Architecture and Food the local culture bring differences but, if you think about, tasteful is universal. It is what I verify through my extensive travel around the world. Taste is local, good taste is global.

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