We design new products or improve existing products with our global palates and fresh perspectives.

Our international network of executive chefs and food engineers can be customized to assist organizations locally or globally.

Taste Architects™

The essence of our passion stems in approaching each edible challenge from the foundation of taste, the palate. We thoughtfully consider the sensory experience of each ingredient as well as assess and anticipate culinary trends.
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Think of us as your trusted resource that can unlock hidden creativity within your in-house team, or be called upon to assist you design a cutting-edge product to surprise and excite customers.
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Our culinary blog shares food & beverage tasting experiences, explore ingredients, and offers educational insight on sensory adventures.
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Lemon lover? Have you tried Buddha’s hand citron?

A slight change of ingredient can make a big difference! This is an interesting way to upgrade such a mainstream flavor. The [...]
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